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Dangers of Summer Driving
Dangers of Summer Driving

With the increased fun of summertime comes the increased danger of summer driving. Here are just a few tips from a top Tulsa car accident lawyer that may help you stay safe while you drive around and have fun in the sun this summer.

The Kids Are Out of School

When school is out, so are the kids. This means there are more kids on the roads. Some of these will be young drivers who are more prone to cause accidents. But, you have to also lookout for even younger children who will be outside playing while enjoying the long summer days. Your best bet is to slow down a little bit any time you might be where children are this summer.

More Motorcyclists

When the sun shines and the weather is nice, motorcyclists will take to the road. So, one of the dangers during the summertime for driving is that there will be additional motorcyclists to watch out for. Make sure to check your blind spots when changing lanes. Also, be extra careful when turning out into the traffic. Motorcycles are hard to see if you are not looking for them. Extra attention can go a long way.

The Bright Sun

As much as we look forward to the warm bright sunlight of summertime, it can actually be one of the dangers of summer driving. Glare from the sun can temporarily blind a driver causing them not to be able to see what’s ahead of them. Make sure you’re prepared for the extra sunlight by always keeping a pair of sunglasses in your car and making sure that the sun visors in your car are properly functioning.

Hot Tires

Even though you see race cars warm their tires up before a race, hot tires can actually be one of the dangers of summer driving. When tires get too hot, they can actually lose traction with the road. Combine the sunlight with the asphalt on the road and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Make sure to slow down when taking turns and corners and give yourself extra time to stop when the road and your tires are hot.

Slick Streets

Summertime is typically known for sunny skies and no rain. But no summer goes by without the occasional downpour. These summer showers can actually be extremely dangerous for driving conditions. You see, oil and dirt accumulate on the road in between rain showers. During the summertime, when there are many rain showers, the oil and dirt on the road can get rather thick. All you need is a little bit of rain to make the roads super slippery. So, if you encounter a summer rain shower, slow down a bit and give yourself some extra stopping distance when the roads are slick.


Summer is always supposed to be a time for fun. And if you make sure to look out for the dangers of summer driving, you have a great chance of having lots of safe fun. Just remember: watch out for kids, watch out for motorcycles, avoid the glare of the sun, and hot tires, and rain can make the road slick. While we hope that these tips help you have a safe, great summer; know that we’re here if you’re caught in an accident and need help getting the compensation you deserve.

Thanks to our friend and blog author, Robert Denton of Denton Law Firm, for his insight into the dangers of summertime driving.

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