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Divorce Lawyer Peoria IL

Divorce Lawyer Peoria ILWhen you and your spouse decide it’s time to get a divorce, it can seem incredibly daunting to start looking for a divorce lawyer Peoria IL can provide. Divorces are inherently very personal matters. Even when a marriage ends amicably and peacefully, it can be painful to acknowledge the end of an important chapter in your life. Each Peoria IL divorce lawyer from Smith & Weer, P.C. has extensive legal experience and is well versed in all of the recent changes lawmakers have made to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. We would be happy to meet and discuss the circumstances of your situation and how we may be able to help.

How Can a Divorce Lawyer in Peoria IL Assist Me?

The majority of couples who are divorcing typically are not on the best of terms by the time they are ready to file a motion for divorce with the court. Even the friendliest of divorce can quickly escalate to an angry and acrimonious one. This is just one of the reasons why you should consult with a Peoria IL divorce lawyer locals depend on.

In Illinois, you now only need one ground to file for divorce – that your marriage has broken down over irreconcilable differences. There is also no longer a waiting period. In the past, parties had to wait either six months (if they both agreed to the divorce) or two years (if one party objected). The only requirement for obtaining a divorce is that at least one spouse has lived in divorce for the prior 90 days.

What Happens After I File For A Divorce?

Once the motion for divorce has been filed and the other spouse served, negotiations will take place between the two parties to decide how the marital estate will be divided. There are many items that may need to be addressed, including:

  • The family home and any other real estate the couple own;
  • The family vehicles;
  • All financial accounts, such as checking, savings, retirement accounts, pensions, stocks, bonds, and insurance policies; and
  • All furniture and household items.

Pets may be another issue that comes up during a divorce. Although many pet owners treat their pets like families, the courts do not look at our furry friends the same way and pets are considered part of the “marital estate.” Your divorce lawyer Peoria IL families trust can prepare an argument, however, why your pet or pets would be better off with you rather than your ex. In some cases, shared “custody” of the pet is also worked out.

In addition to the assets of the marital estate, a couple’s debts also need to be addressed. How will credit card, vehicle payments, mortgages, and any other bills the couple owe be paid and which spouse will be responsible?

When it comes to the division of assets and debts, if you and your ex cannot come to an agreement, the judge will make the decision for you. The court will also decide if spousal support may or may not be appropriate.

Many couples who are divorcing have children. Your Peoria IL divorce lawyer from Smith & Weer can also help you work through child custody and child support issues. In most divorce cases, the court looks at child custody and support separate from the divorce action and these decisions are made based on what is in the best interest of the child.

Things To Keep In Mind During A Divorce

At Smith & Weer, P.C., we believe it’s essential to provide our clients with compassionate and caring counsel during difficult divorce cases. Here are a few short points to keep in mind when beginning the process of divorce:

1. Divorce settlements aren’t about “winning” or “losing.” As a seasoned divorce lawyer Peoria IL has to offer might explain, these settlements are intended to end a couple’s relationship as fairly as possible. Although it’s possible for one spouse to end up with everything he/she wants, it’s more likely that both sides will walk away with some sacrifices.

2. Be wary of advice that comes from friends, coworkers, or relatives who are divorced. While this advice might be helpful, it’s important to keep in mind that each divorce will likely have many different factors. The methods for solving disagreements that work in one divorce proceeding may be completely ineffective in another couple’s divorce. The person who will provide you with the best advice for your situation is your divorce lawyer Peoria IL provides.

3. Remember that court often isn’t the best option. Ask any experienced divorce lawyer in Peoria IL and you’re likely to hear that couples — and their lawyers — try to stay out of the courtroom. Reaching a settlement might be frustrating and time-consuming but a court case may cost even more time and money.

4. Children can easily become overwhelmed by their parents’ divorce, even if they don’t show it. Even if your son or daughter puts on a brave face and says they’re fine, they might be having a tough time dealing with such a big change in the family. There is nothing wrong with seeking therapy from a mental health worker to help your child cope — and there’s also nothing wrong with seeking guidance for your own mental and emotional health.

5. When you hire an attorney, be as honest with him/her as possible. A top divorce lawyer Peoria IL trusts would likely explain that it’s much harder to represent a client’s best interests when the client isn’t fully honest right from the beginning. If you choose to hire a divorce lawyer to help you through the process, it is important to be honest about the facts of your situation.

Contact a Local Divorce Lawyer Peoria IL Residents Rely On

If you are facing divorce or other family law issues and would like to meet with a compassionate divorce lawyer Peoria IL clients recommend, call our office today. At Smith & Weer, P.C., our legal team knows that divorces can be very complicated matters. While many divorces proceed without incident every year, it’s not always so simple for every couple. Even when couples separate amicably, figuring out the details with property divisions and custody rights might be complex. Working with a Peoria IL divorce lawyer might be incredibly beneficial simply because you can have access to an experienced legal professional.

For more information about our firm, or to schedule a free case evaluation with a top divorce lawyer Peoria IL residents trust, contact Smith & Weer, P.C. today at 309-694-6700.

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