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Immigration Lawyer Peoria IL

immigration lawyer Peoria ILContact Smith & Weer, P.C. if you need a top immigration lawyer Peoria IL has to offer. Our attorneys have assisted many clients who desired to live in the United States legally. We have helped individuals, families, and extended family members.

9 Tips on How to Choose a Peoria IL Immigration Lawyer

If you have never hired an immigration lawyer before, you may be concerned about how to choose the right immigration lawyer in Peoria IL. As experienced immigration lawyers, we have suggestions on how to choose the right lawyer for you. Use these general guidelines in making your decision.

  1. Do they practice immigration law? Many people know of a lawyer, or have hired one, and they may be happy to give you a referral, but does that lawyer practice immigration law? Like doctors, lawyers may focus their practice on one or more areas. It’s not necessary to find a lawyer who only practices immigration law, but you probably don’t want to be the first client in this area, either. Make sure that the immigration lawyer Peoria IL friends or family recommend is experienced handling cases like yours.
  2. Have they handled immigration cases similar to yours? Everyone’s situation is different, but it may be important that there are aspects of the attorney’s previous cases that overlap with yours. If there are challenging aspects to your case, it’s those areas where you especially want an attorney who has had success in dealing with those challenges. You want to choose an immigration lawyer Peoria IL individuals have hired under similar circumstances.
  3. Interview them as you would a potential employee. They’ll be working for you, and will have a profound impact on your future so ask them questions and get a feel for whether they’re right for the job. Write down your questions beforehand, and make note of their answers so that you can refer to it later.
  4. Verify if they will be your primary attorney, or if someone else at the firm will do most of the work. You have the right to know who will be working on your case and what credentials they have. Is it a junior lawyer? A paralegal?
  5. Research the attorney. Use an online search engine to check for the following:
  6. Online reviews. What do previous clients say about this lawyer? Are they an immigration lawyer Peoria IL residents were satisfied with?
  7. Legal troubles? If the attorney has been brought up on charges in their personal life or disciplined in their professional life, you may want to look for a different attorney.
  8. Is their license to practice law active? Believe it or not, some lawyers try to practice even if their license has been revoked.
  9. How much do they charge? Be sure to ask about their fee, as well as court costs and other charges. Get it in writing. If you can’t afford it, but you want to hire that particular attorney, ask if they can assign some of the less complex work to a junior attorney or paralegal and charge you less as a result.

If you’re in search of a qualified and capable immigration lawyer Peoria IL trusts, contact Smith & Weer, P.C. today at (309) 694-6700.


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