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DUI Lawyer Peoria, IL

As a top DUI lawyer Peoria, IL has to offer, Smith & Weer, P.C. pursues justice in defense of those who have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI). A DUI is a serious offense for a multitude of reasons, and can result in a variety of fines, sentences, and even undermine the reputation of those charged

The cost in terms of fines and court costs in addition to the cost to enroll in court ordered alcohol rehabilitation classes can be staggering.  There may also be the monthly cost associated with being required to install an ignition interlock device.  More importantly is the cost to your livelihood if the DUI results in the loss of your driving privileges.  This is a hardship in itself.  How are you going to get to work if you are unable to drive?  This is particularly troublesome if your community does not have adequate public transportation.  Just think of what this can mean to you and your family that relies on you for support.  It can be devastating, to say the least.  The importance of  having a qualified diligent DUI lawyer Peoria, IL trusts, is how essential he or she can be in helping their client avoid the serious consequences of a DUI charge.

It goes without saying that if you are arrested and charged with a second or third DUI offense, hiring a good DUI lawyer Peoria, IL respects can be paramount to escaping the severe penalties that accompany this dilemma.  It is also a good idea to hire a top DUI lawyer Peoria, IL can provide even if it is your first DUI offense.  In order to retain your driving privileges, you must receive a suspended sentence.  In certain circumstances that are prescribed by statute, if the first DUI is of such a nature, the judge in his discretion can prohibit a first offender from receiving a suspended sentence, and instead, issue a conviction.  If that happens, your driving privileges will be revoked.  This is an even better reason to hire a good DUI lawyer in Peoria, Illinois.

If you are charged with a second DUI offense and you are convicted of driving while under the influence, you will receive a conviction, and the Secretary of State’s office will revoke your driving privileges.  In this situation, most people want obviously to do whatever is possible to avoid being convicted.  This is where hiring a good, experienced DUI lawyer Peoria, IL residents rely on, such as Smith & Weer,  can be essential.  If you are charged with a second DUI and you want to fight it, your best chance of winning your case is to demand a jury trial.  With a jury, you only need to convince one of the jury members that you are not guilty.  You may want to consider a DUI lawyer Peoria, IL can count on to accomplish that.  Your other option, if you so choose, is to have what is commonly referred to as a bench trial where only the judge hears the case against you.  The odds are much greater in your favor to convince one of 12 jurors of your innocence, rather than a judge.  A judge is less likely to be persuaded by attacks upon the credibility of the arresting officer; a judge is more likely to believe what the arresting officer testifies to concerning the arrest, particularly if it is based on a field sobriety test.

A third conviction of DUI results in a conviction of aggravated DUI, which is a class 2 felony.  Conviction of a class 2 felony can result in a sentence of a term of imprisonment of between three and seven years, but is eligible for probation.  No one wants to be imprisoned for this period of time.  Hire a good DUI defense lawyer in Peoria, Illinois.

As mentioned, even a first offense can result in a conviction that can result in the loss of your driving privileges.  A conviction for a DUI is a class A misdemeanor.  The penalty for a class A misdemeanor is a fine of up to $2,500.00 and a jail term of up to less than one year.  If a party is convicted of a second DUI within 5 years of a prior DUI, his or her sentence can be enhanced to include a minimum of 5 days in jail or 240 hours of community service.  A party who is convicted of a second DUI is not eligible for supervision.  He or she will lose their driving privileges.  Once lost, the guilty driver must wait at least one year before being eligible to apply for reinstatement of their license.  However, the Secretary of State can, in his or  her discretion, issue a restricted driving permit to go to and from work, or to obtain necessary ongoing medical care.  You’ll want the assistance of a skilled DUI lawyer Peoria, IL has to offer to help you obtain a restricted driving permit.

If charged with a second DUI offense, immediately seek the help of an accomplished attorney  like those at Smith & Weer.  For more information, or to schedule a free consultation with a DUI lawyer Peoria, IL residents trust, contact us today.

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