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Peoria Immigration Attorney

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For persons in Central Illinois who wish to become U.S. citizens, the immigration law firm of Smith & Weer can help. We have served countless individuals, families and extended family members who desired to live permanently and legally in the United States. We are recognized as having the immigration attorney that immigrants know they can trust and rely upon to help they them through the immigration process. Our team of professionals know all the ins and outs of becoming a citizen and will be there to guide you through all the naturalization steps. It’s no wonder that whenever immigrants in and around Peoria are looking for the best immigration lawyer, Smith & Weer is the only name they need to know.

Peoria Immigration Lawyer

Peoria, Illinois is a city of approximately 115,000 residents, and it is also the county seat of Peoria County. Smith & Weer’s immigration law firm is located at: 456 Fulton Street, Suite 150 in Peoria. As a highly-skilled and experienced immigration law firm, Smith & Weer has a number of recommendations for Peoria candidates for immigration to follow when they are thinking about retaining an immigration attorney. These include:

  1. Is the lawyer an experienced and practicing immigration attorney?
  2. Has the attorney handled immigration cases like yours?
  3. Interview the immigration attorney.
  4. Will this attorney be your immigration attorney or will you be represented by
    someone else in the firm?
  5. Research the attorney.
  6. Check-out the immigration lawyer’s online reviews.
  7. Is this a lawyer in good standing with the Illinois Attorney Registration &
    Disciplinary Commission?
  8. Are they licensed to practice law in Illinois and is their status active?
  9. Inquire as to the costs of immigration from the immigration lawyer’s customary
    fee to the court costs and any other charges.

Peoria Immigration Law Firm

Once you have determined that this is the immigration attorney you want to represent your interests, you will be expected to produce other documentation to begin your citizenship process. The good people at Smith & Weer will be there to help you every step along the way. We not only will meet your expectations, but we will always endeavor to exceed them. Becoming a U.S. citizen should be an exciting and happy moment in your life. Your immigration at Smith & Weer and our office assistants and personnel will do all we can to help make this experience even more enjoyable for you. For more information about becoming a U.S. citizen, call Smith & Weer, today, at: (309) 694-6700. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you on this exciting journey to citizenship!

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