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Pekin Bankruptcy

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As a leading bankruptcy law firm serving Central Illinois clients, your Smith & Weer’s bankruptcy lawyer is there to ensure that your rights will be protected so that you and your family are able to get back to the business of living happy productive lives. The bankruptcy attorneys at Smith & Weer are thoroughly dedicated to protecting clients from growing debts and harassing creditors. Furthermore, we specialize in debt relief and consumer protection. And, unlike many other bankruptcy firms, Smith & Weer, P.C. offers a number of options to make the process of working with a bankruptcy lawyer easier. For example, clients are able to consult and communicate with their Smith & Weer bankruptcy attorney in a variety of ways that do not involve coming to our office. We believe in accommodating our clients as much as possible and, as a result, we will work with them over the phone, and communicate with them via emails and faxes. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that whenever Pekin residents are searching for the best bankruptcy lawyer in the area, the only name they need to know is Smith & Weer, P.C.

Pekin Bankruptcy Lawyer

As a city in and county seat of Tazewell County, Pekin, Illinois has nearly 33,000 residents who call it home. Smith & Weer has a separate office in Pekin at: 410 Elizabeth Street. Pekin clients understand that their bankruptcy lawyer at Smith & Weer will help them through all aspects of their bankruptcy procedure. We have the skills and expertise to guide our Pekin clients effortlessly through all the steps of their bankruptcy from start to finish. This will include:

  • Arranging for consultations;
  • Conducting a financial analysis;
  • Creating a plan for the highest benefit; and
  • Establishing face-to-face consultations;
  • Preparation for bankruptcy proceeding;
  • Understanding all available legal options.

Pekin Bankruptcy Attorney

Once your Smith & Weer’s bankruptcy lawyer decides which one of the two bankruptcy methods best suits your needs – Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, our team of professionals will begin the process. We will not only make certain that you understand each step of the bankruptcy process, but we will see to it that you receive the best outcome. To learn more about the bankruptcy proceeding, call a bankruptcy attorney at Smith & Weer, P.C., today, at: (309) 347-4300. All initial Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy consultations are FREE. Remember, not only will we strive to meet your bankruptcy needs, but we will regularly exceed them.

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