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6 Things to Know About Paying Child Support

Divorce lawyers Peoria ILDivorce lawyers Peoria IL locals recommend may be able to help you if you are having trouble making your child support payments. If your ex-spouse has physical custody of your child, you are obliged to make the court ordered child support payments. That money is intended to be used to cover your child’s needs including food, clothing, and school fees. Here are six things you should know about paying child support:

Your Payments May Decrease

The amount of child support the judge orders you to pay in the beginning might not always stay the same. For example, if you have lost your job and are struggling financially, the judge may agree to decrease your payments. However, you will have to provide proof to the court, such as a termination letter and bank statements. Divorce lawyers Peoria IL residents choose from Smith & Weer, P.C. can represent you in court.

Your Payments May Increase

It is also possible for your child support payments to increase in the future. For instance, if you get a dramatic pay increase, your ex-spouse may petition the court to increase the amount of child support you must pay. If this has happened, and you believe the increase is unfair, talk to divorce lawyers Peoria IL parents turn to from our firm.

Not Making Payments Can Lead to Severe Consequences

If you fail to make child support payments every month, you could get into legal trouble. In addition to the possibility of going to jail, not meeting your monthly obligation can result in the loss of driving privileges, wage garnishment, and deductions from tax refunds. If you are unable to meet your obligation because of financial difficulties, it’s important to inform the court right away. Divorce lawyers Peoria IL families trust from Smith & Weer, P.C. can negotiate a new agreement on your behalf.

Increasing Visitation Time Can Affect Your Payments

Many states determine the amount of child support based on how much time the co-parent spends with the child. If your child stays at your house more often and you are providing him or her with food and other necessities, the judge may decide to lower your child support payments.

You Don’t Have to Pay Child Support Forever

After you have written a check to your ex-spouse for many months in a row, it might seem like your child support payments will never end. However, payments generally end when the child turns 18. There are some exceptions, though. For example, if you and your ex-spouse decided to extend payments throughout your child’s college years, you will have to pay child support longer. To learn how the laws may affect your situation, consult Peoria divorce lawyers.

Not All Income Is Counted When Determining Ability to Pay

The amount of child support you have to pay is based on your gross income, which includes wages and rental income. If you receive certain government benefits, like Supplemental Security Insurance, it will not count in determining your ability to pay.

Having Another Child May Impact Your Child Support

Another factor that judges use to determine child support is the amount of children you have. If you have more than one child, the judge could decide to lower the amount of child support you have to pay every month. When you work with divorce lawyers in Peoria IL, they can help you fill out the necessary paperwork and speak to the judge about reducing your payments.

If you are struggling to make your child support payments, contact respected divorce lawyers Peoria IL offers from Smith & Weer, P.C. by calling (309) 628-0338.

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