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DWI Lawyer Peoria IL

When you’re facing charges for driving under the influence, you should consider talking with a DWI lawyer Peoria IL has to offer. Smith and Weer, P.C. offers 24/7 legal support to people who have been arrested, charged, or are facing DWI charges . These offenses are not to be taken lightly, and could have an enormous impact on your day-to-day life. Whether it’s your first DWI or a something you’ve dealt with before, it may be prudent to have a lawyer on your side. Smith and Weer understands that DWI cases require urgent attention, especially in the beginning stages of the legal process. During a free consultation, you can discuss your potential options and begin to make any arrangements necessary.

What You Should Do Immediately Following a DWI Arrest

Being charged with a DWI can provoke many emotions. Although you may feel scared and overwhelmed, you should try to stay calm. At some point during the arrest, you may be asked to make a statement. This could include admitting guilt, or admitting to other factors relevant to your case. Prior to making this statement, you have the legal right to contact a Peoria IL DWI lawyer. It may be advisable to exercise this right, to prevent you from saying anything that could hold you accountable for your actions. If, however, you have already admitted to your charges without a lawyer present, you can still consult with a DWI lawyer Peoria IL has to offer.

How A DWI Could Affect You

Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand the repercussions a DWI could have on their life. In fact, a DWI could cause a number of issues for years after the initial incident. This may especially hold true when a DWI lawyer in Peoria IL has not been called upon for support. Some outcomes of a DWI charge could include:

  • Large fees and fines
  • Loss of a driver’s license
  • Increase in insurance rates
  • The inability to work
  • Routine testing by breathalyzer, blood, or urine
  • The requirement to wear a tether
  • Mandatory court appearances
  • Probation and/or community service
  • Court and incarceration fees

A DWI lawyer Peoria IL drivers can count on may be able to speak on your behalf. With years of experience, we know how to effectively navigate the legal process. Throughout your processing, hearing, or trial, an attorney may help you handle negotiations or pleas. With experienced representation, you may have your charges reduced or dropped, thereby reducing the impact of your DWI on your life.

A Trusted DWI Lawyer Peoria IL Has to Offer

Your lawyer is not just there to oversee the legal process and file documentation. Rather, he or she can act as your legal confident, speak on your behalf, and ensure that your case is effectively communicated to the courts. This may be highly useful in situations where you may not understand the legal circumstances surrounding of your DWI. If you would like to speak with one of our lawyers to discuss your case in further detail, contact Smith and Weer, a DWI lawyer Peoria IL residents can rely on.

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