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Divorce Mediation Peoria IL

Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

If you are facing a divorce, you may decide to contact a family lawyer Peoria IL residents trust to help you with your case. One thing that an experienced lawyer may suggest, and something that may help you handle your divorce amicably, is mediation. The following information may help you determine if mediation for a divorce may be helpful for you. If you have any additional questions about the mediation process, contact your Peoria IL family lawyer at Smith & Weer, P.C. at (309) 694-6700 today.

What is a Mediator’s Role?

A family lawyer Peoria IL has to offer may tell you a mediator may be a neutral party who is trained to facilitate a divorce case. The mediator could help you and your former partner to communicate and make decisions about your assets and your children (if you have any). Some couples decide to have their family lawyer in Peoria IL present in these discussions to help them remain focused and make smart decisions, while others go into mediation without a lawyer.

What is the Process for Mediation?

You and your spouse may meet with the mediator over a couple of sessions, each of which may be around an hour or two long. A family lawyer Peoria IL residents depend on may advise you further on how the mediation process works, but in general, here are some guidelines:

  • In the first meeting, you and your spouse may identify the list of issues that need to be addressed. The mediator may help you determine what topics to cover and create an outline to keep everyone focused. You each may have information you need to provide and share with the other party, and it may be requested that you bring that information to the next meeting. Basically, the first meeting sets the goals and agenda for the mediation process.
  • In the next meeting, you and your spouse can bring the necessary documentation to solve specific issues and make decisions. These meetings may continue until all matters are resolved or until it’s clear that mediation isn’t going to work for your divorce.
  • The final meeting is called the agreement and it’s where the mediator puts together a formal document with everything both parties have agreed on. In this case, couples who didn’t have their lawyer present during mediation may decide to consult with a family lawyer Peoria IL can provide to review the final agreement and make sure everything is fair and accurate.

The Divorce Documents Are Filed

Once both parties have accepted and signed the agreement, the mediator or your own attorney can help you file the papers the court needs to recognize the divorce. With mediation, your divorce won’t go through the court process. Instead, once a judge signs off on your mediation agreement and divorce documents, your divorce would be final.

The mediation process may be right for you if you and your spouse wish to resolve your divorce amicably and without a court process. Even if you decide mediation is your best option, you may still want to contact a family lawyer Peoria IL trusts at Smith & Weer, P.C. to help you get a fair deal by calling (309) 694-6700 today.

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