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child custody lawyers peoria ilChild Custody and Visitation Cases
Child custody lawyers Peoria IL community members choose understand that making the decision to separate or divorce from your current spouse can be difficult to do. There are many variables to consider when filing for divorce, especially if you have children. Those who are going through a child custody and visitation trial, may want to consider seeking the counsel of child custody lawyers in Peoria IL for legal representation.
Whether or not the separation is amicable, it will likely be an emotionally challenging time; as your daily life and routine might change dramatically.
Both parents will have the opportunity to find resolutions when it comes to custody and visitation rights with their children. However, if they are unable to come to an agreement, then the decision falls to a judge during a court trial. The judge is expected to consider the best interests of the child when deciding which parent will be assigned legal custody. Child custody lawyers Peoria IL families trust from Smith & Weer, P.C.
can represent you in your quest to get custody of your children. There are two forms of custody, and they are briefly described below:
Joint Custodyboth parents have the right to make decisions when it comes to the health, education or schooling, and welfare of their children.
Sole Custodyonly one parent is assigned the role of making responsible decisions for the wellbeing of their children.
The types of decisions a parent with joint or sole custody will make vary depending on what their children need. Some examples are the following:
  • Extracurricular activities or groups (camps, sports teams, traveling, vacations, etc.)
  • School or child care facilities
  • Which doctors their children will see (dentist, physician, chiropractor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.)
  • Where the children will live (city, state)
  • Religious practice (or related activities)
Parents who have joint custody each share the task of making decisions. However, it is not a necessity that they agree. Open and honest communication can help prevent unresolveable disagreements. Child custody lawyers Peoria IL parents rely on from our firm may be able to help you with custody negotiations. This can prevent the need for going to court over a disagreement. It is vital that decisions are made with the best interests of the child and we can help make your case when speaking to the judge.
Child custody and visitation trials can get stressful and emotional very quickly. Seeking the legal advice of child custody lawyers Peoria IL locals recommend might alleviate some of the stress. As experienced Peoria child custody lawyers, we have a thorough understanding of what the courts require when parents seek custody of their children. We will make every effort to achieve the outcome that fits with your goals.
Please contact our law firm at (309) 628-0338 to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney at Smith & Weer, P.C. Your first consultation with child custody lawyers Peoria IL offers from our firm is free, so do not hesitate to reach out today.
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